Our value proposition


Placement with sustainable and long-term vision. PAJOO is not a temporary employment agency. The employment contracts are concluded between the professional and the company


Personal communication throughout the process. The PAJOO team is available for you during the collaboration and supports you with all concerns


All information about the application process at your fingertips

Request personal consultation

Digital mediation platform


PAJOO uses innovative strategies for personnel recruitment

International candidate pool

PAJOO is your expert for EU-wide personnel search

PAJOO profile

Within a few minutes you will arrive at a meaningful profile with which the job or applicant search can be started

Qualified applicants


In the PAJOO app, expertise is queried in digital PAJOO tests

Individual matching

PAJOO determines an applicant's suitability for advertised positions based on the applicant's strengths

Preliminary talk by PAJOO

PAJOO qualifies applicants in a direct interview with personal and technical questions before

Get to know each other

Get to know option

Before the trial work there is the possibility to get to know the applicant in an additionally arranged video interview


You do not understand the language of the other? No problem, our PAJOO interpreters bridge the language barrier for you

Trial work on site

Travel & Accommodation

PAJOO plans and books all travel and accommodation throughout the rehearsal process

bear the cost

PAJOO will cover the costs of the entire trip and accommodation (3 days trial work) in Germany

Cov-19 testing

PAJOO ensures that all Covid-19 regulations (vaccinated/genetically screened/tested) are followed during the trip


Employment contract

Once the applicant and the workshop have found each other, we provide support in deciding on the employment relationship

Grant applications

In order to facilitate the start in Germany, PAJOO submits government funding applications for financial support of the applicants if required

Integration in Germany


PAJOO supports applicants in all bureaucratic processes such as reregistration

Apartment search

PAJOO searches together with the applicant for a suitable apartment

Language courses

PAJOO provides initial documentation for understanding and assists in finding suitable language courses in the vicinity


PAJOO works out a concept with the applicant how the family can also be integrated in Germany